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Payments & How to Order

Payment Options

 Georgia Leyla - Payments accepted

  • We accept VisaMasterCard and American Express credit and debit card payments.
  • We accept PayPal payments.
  • We do not accept cash, bank transfers, personal checks or money orders. 


    When placing your order, please make sure that you enter the billing address and contact information exactly as it appears on your account statement. In the event that the information entered does not match exactly what your account has on file, your order may be held pending verification. This may require us to contact your directly. 

    When specifying shipping address information, be sure to check that the zip/postal code, city and state/region are correct. If this information is entered incorrectly, we may have to contact you to update your shipping details, which may in turn delay your order.

    When a Zip Code Fails Validation

    The result of the CVC, address, and zip/postal code checks are passed directly to our payment processors from the cardholder's bank or credit card institution. If the zip/postal code check fails, it's because the bank is telling us that the zip/postal code provided does not match the information it has on file. Please ensure the correct zip/postal code is entered to avoid delays to your order.