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How long does delivery take?

For our free economy shipping, delivery to the United States generally takes around 15 days from the date of dispatch. To the rest of the world, delivery usually takes between 15 and 25 days from the date of dispatch.

Our premium express shipping takes 3-5 days anywhere in the world from the date of dispatch.

How long does it take to dispatch items?

It can take up to one week to dispatch items. It is very often quicker (usually the next working day), but sometimes, during busy seasons, it takes longer.

Do you guarantee your shipping times?

Our shipping times are estimates based on previous orders, but we cannot guarantee the shipping times.

Is shipping tracked?

Yes. Whether you choose our free economy shipping and our premium express shipping, all shipping is tracked. You will always receive a tracking number by email.

Why does shipping take such a long time?

We really want to bring you the newest, hottest looks and the biggest choice and, to enable us to do this, we do not hold inventory in high-cost locations like the United States, Europe or Australia. Instead, we ship from our manufacturers' premises in Asia. Unfortunately, we are not quite Amazon (yet), so we can't get your items to you quicker, but shipping in this way allows us to offer you far greater choice than we ever could otherwise. Don't worry, your order will arrive and will still fabulous on you when it does!

How much does premium express shipping cost?

Premium express shipping costs USD 45 per item. This is to have your item sent by fast global courier, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT or similar.

Why is premium express shipping charged per item? I have multiple items in my order - can't you just put them all together in one package?

We have several manufacturing partners and they all have different locations, fulfillment processes and shipping rates. Since it is very likely that your multiple-item order is being dispatched from multiple manufacturing facilities

Can I track my order?

You certainly can! Simply click on 'Track My Order' (also found in the 'Help' menu at the top of the page), or follow the tracking link received by email. You can also login to your account and check there.

My order still doesn't have a tracking number! Help!

Don't worry, this is completely normal. Unfortunately, tracking numbers aren't always issued by our system in real time, they can take a while to update. You will receive an email with your tracking number when the item is dispatched, which you can then use to track, but please don't get concerned if this takes a while to come through.

I've tracked my order, but there's nothing showing. What gives?

Tracking numbers don't show much in the way of meaningful information until the package arrives in your country. At that point, you'll be able to see everything. Since we dispatch from Asia, this is usually a bit of a wait, but rest assured, your tracking number will update.

When should I get in touch if I haven't received my stuff?

You can contact us any time you like on our 'Get In Touch' page, but we'd recommend allowing up to 40 days for items shipped by free economy shipping and up to 10 days for items shipped by courier before getting in touch and asking us to look into it. If you contact us before these dates, chances are your order is still in transit.