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COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

To All Our Customers

The coronavirus outbreak has caused unprecedented changes to economies the world over. The good news is, we're still open for business, but we are facing unprecedented challenges to our supply chain. Please allow extra time for delivery, sometimes a number of weeks.

However, due to the restrictions on movement currently in place in many countries, demand for mail-order and e-commerce services has spiked significantly, putting strain on existing logistics and postal systems. Your order, therefore, may be significantly delayed in its arrival at your delivery address.

The degree of delay will vary from country to country, and as this is a developing situation, it is subject to change at any time. However, you can rest assured that our products are still making their way across the globe to you as they always have done.

If you'd like more information, our shipping policy can be found here and you can always reach our friendly customer service team at any time here. Lastly, you can always track your order directly on our website here.

Much love

Fashion Like Me Team