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How To Pick The Right Swimwear For Your Body Shape

If you live somewhere the beach is warm year-round, or you’re planning a winter vacation somewhere hot down south, knowing what swimwear will suit your body best can be a little frustrating. The truth is, very few women look good in everything (unless you’re Jennifer Aniston).

Jennifer Aniston 

We’ve all been blessed with bodies of all shapes and sizes - but we’re all beautiful and can look flattering in a swimsuit if we can choose a style that complements our body shape perfectly. 

Here are a few tips from the Fashion Like Me team on how to pick the right swimwear for your body shape:


Large Bust

Leopard Print Bikini

Got assets to flaunt? For wide straps and extra support. Wild Side Swimsuit in store now for $29.


Whether or not you think you’re blessed for having a larger bust, you can fill out any bikini top. It’s important to use a wired top with extra support without unnecessary padding. Wide straps and v-neck styles are also a busty lady’s best friend. Our On The Wild Side Bikini is ideal, and comes in multiple colors and patterns. Don’t shy away from those one-piece suits either as they can accentuate and flatter your bustier area even more.

Curvy or Plus Size

Plus Size Monokini Dress

Dress-style monokinis can work well for curvy or plus sized figures (photo courtesy of Alibaba).


If you’ve got all the curves in the right places, and maybe a few in areas you don’t want to show off, a one-piece or high waisted bikini bottom would be an ideal choice. We love the vintage-style of thismonokini (below) available in store.

Vintage monokini in store now for $39. Shop here.


And, if you’d rather not show off your thighs, you can purchase a wrap-around skirt or swimwear with one built-in (photo courtesy of Alibaba). It’s also ideal to find a suit with brighter colors in the areas you want to be noticed. 


Small Bust

Solids and simple triangles bring less attention to your bust area. If you’d like to give the allusion of a larger bust, add a push-up or padding andhorizontal lines, polka dots or ruffles. And flaunt what you do have! If you’ve got an ass that you can’t wait to show off, focus on bikini bottoms or one piece that draws the attention there instead. 

Provocative Thong Swimsuit

Provocative? Maybe. Killer ass? Definitely. Was $59, now $39. Shop here.


No Curves: There are bikinis and swimsuits that will fit your body and enhance your chest and bottom without going over the top. This is your time to get a one piece of ruffles, diamonds, or belts to give your body an extra push. Amonokiniwith a little skirt will give the illusion that a rounder bottom (not that you need one) is hiding underneath.

Vintage Polka Monokini

Vintage Polka Monokini with skirt can work wonders for ladies without curves, and now half price! Was $59, now $29. Shop here.


Short/Long Torse: If your midsection is a little on the shorter side, you can elongate through the use of patterns or lace from bust to bottom. You can still wear a bikini, however, choose high waisted bottoms or cut-outs like thisItalian-style bikiniIf your torse is longer, take advantage of smaller bikinis and tankini tops that will bring attention to other areas of your body. Try and stay clear from straight cut bottoms and opt for straps that riseover your hips.

Royal Blue Sequin Bikini


Interested in viewing our swimwear collection to find the perfect piece to show off at the beach or your next vacation, take a look at our selection here.