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How To Add a Little 20s Inspiration to Your Wardrobe in 2020

Admit it, we’ve all been a little jealous of the fashion icons of the 1920s. Silent film star, Louise Brooks, and her killer black bob made history for style - and “It Girl,” Clara Bow, brought the flapper look to a whole ‘nother level that no one could compete with. Alas, the 1920s were 100 years ago, but now we’ve got a second chance to make them great again. 

      Clara Bows

Louise Brooks (left) and her legendary black bob, and Clara Bows (right) and her famous flapper.


If you’ve been timid about adding a 20s flair to your wardrobe, now is the best time to woman up and put your beautiful self in the spotlight. Here are a few tips from the team at FashionLike.Me to help add a little 20s inspiration into your 2020 style:

Short hair, as either a statement or just for convenience, was quite popular during the 1920s (seen above), andaccessorizing the look properly could make all the difference between laziness and style. Hats, scarves, and drop earrings add a feminine touch.

Baroque Headband

Baroque Red Rose Headband, available in store here.


Round sunglasses, like the ones pictured here, can still be found in most stores, yet the 2000s taught us they were out of date. Trust us, you won’t look like Harry Potter if you dorn a pair at your next beach outing (unless that’s your plan). A feminine headscarf with your next outfit will give off a Gatsby flair that no one will ignore. 

Round Sunglasses     

Round sunglasses are back and a feminine headscarf, like the above, will rock your 20's vibe.


As for dresses and jackets, the fashion of the 20s promoted proving you had a waist while still remaining both respectable and sexy. Feathers and drop-waist dresses can still be found today, however, it’s how you wear it that will give you that 20s charm.

Feathers Blazer Dress


Shoes of the 1920s were meant to be comfortable yet stylish - and heels were a little shorter. Sometimes the most awkward looking pair of sandals can become your best friend for showing off a little 1920s inspiration. If you think a pair of Mary Janes and white socks will help the look, we won’t judge. In fact, we’ll grab a pair too.

Mind Your Step Sparkly Sandals

Fashion Like Me's Mind Your Step Sparkly Sandals

Don’t be afraid to get a little experimental with your fashion. Some of the most famous fashion trends were started by those who had a little courage to stand out and stand up for what they wanted to wear rather than what they were told to wear.

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