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Five Tips To A Killer Outfit on a Budget

The cost of living continues to rise, and whether or not we‘re savvy in economics, we’ve noticed the prices of our favorite brands are also getting higher. Thankfully, you have Fashion Like Me to offer you our five tips to a killer outfit on a budget. Even if you’re not tightening your belt, so to speak, you still might find our tips useful for growing and maximizing your wardrobe.

Tip 1: Multi-Function Pieces

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping on a budget is to find pieces that can be interchangeable with more than one outfit or occasion. There are a few staple items we swear every woman should have in their wardrobe, and for the most part, they’re on the inexpensive side - yet can be used again and again.


A pair of ripped, distressed jeans are inexpensive yet can be worn casually, and, with the right top and accessories, could become an important part of your fancier event’s ensemble.

Midi dresses, although usually less expensive than their longer, designer sisters, can still be a fashion symbol that exudes elegance.

A pair of both black andfishnet tights can work with almost any outfit, whether you’re wearing a dress, your boyfriend’s oversized t-shirts, or just a coat or blazer.

Tip 2: Solid Black Heels.

When it comes to shoes, things can get a little more expensive. Don’t go for a cheaper pair of boots or heels because odds are you’re also investing in cheap fabric, plastic, and craftsmanship.

A solid pair of black heels can be bought for a little more yet last quite a bit longer. What’s great about black is it’s an amazingly interchangeable color that can be worn casually to the office or as part of your Saturday night club ensemble.

Tip 3: Shop Smart

Have a designer you adore but can’t afford? Thanks to online shopping, there are ways to get the same designer looks without the expensive labels. Visit high-end websites and boutiques and take note of the different colors and styles, then head to Google or your local thrift store and do a search to find similar items. Odds are you’ll find something comparable for much less cost, and be able to save a few extra dollars each month to get that Louis Vuitton bag you’ve dreamed about.

Tip 4: Follow Influencers on Social Media for 'Fashion on a Budget' Ideas

If you’re on social media, which we know you are, start following fashion influencers and logging their outfits and style tips. We all want to find purchases that won’t break the banks, and most of these influencers have probably already shared their “fashion on a budget” ideas. If not, ask them.

Tip 5: Splash Out Where It Matters, Scrimp Where It Doesn't

Spend less on the items that don’t really matter, and more on the ones that do. If a pair of black leggings are simply a pair of leggings to you, then stock up at Forever21 and spend more on that leather blazer we know you saw in our new arrivals. Think about what matters most to you and let your budget fall into place from there.

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